Hawberry Games Takes on PAX Unplugged

Learning how others think, and figuring out the other players character/personality type is a fun experience that is unique and ultimately challenging, but in a good way.

Fun-filled 3-day Weekend

Attending a convention is always an adventure, but the 3-day weekend at PAX Unplugged 2022 was like a homecoming for our founder, Julie. As a native of Philadelphia, it was the first time she attended one of the Big 4 Gaming conventions in her hometown. 

Set-up was surprisingly simple, as she was able to drive her car directly into her expo spot, and break down easily the day after the convention ended. 

Was it worth it?


Emotional Intelligence is here!

Since the focus was on the new upcoming game Emotional Intelligence, which launched on Kickstarter the first day of PAX Unplugged, a lot of effort was put into playtesting the game to perspective customers, as this was the first time a fully produced sample was available. The response was fiery, to say the least!

Fully Funded on Kickstarter

With help from our friends, and a bit of luck on out side, the Emotional Intelligence Kickstarter is now fully funded! Check out the campaign here:

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